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Try the Windows Live Contacts control

This is a simple mashup that demonstrates the various features of the control. Please try it out!!
You can integrate this control for example into your shopping cart to make it easy for your customer to specify shipping address.
You can integrate this control into your contact page where a customer can add you to their contact list with a click of the button.

Right click view source to see how all this is done - it's one page of javascript and html.

You don't need to give up a fixed area of your screen to the control, you can make it hide and show.
The drop down below shows you the currently supported languages. Please choose one to see how the user interface changes in the control.
By changing the width and height of the control, you can see how the user interface changes in the control. The standard sizing for the control should be as follows based on language:
enWidth:200px Height:300px
jp, frWidth:220px Height:300px
Try entering an email below, and clicking either add or delete contact. You can see how data in Windows Live Contacts can be modified.
The developer can specify color for areas in the control. The accepted format is #FFFFFF (hex), rgb(255,255,255), or one of aqua|black|blue|fuchsia|gray|green|lime|maroon|navy|olive|purple|red|silver|teal|white|yellow.
Inner Background Color:
Inner Text Color:
Outer Background Color:
Outer Text Color:
Link Color:
The developer can write code that reacts to state changes in the control thru the various events.
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