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T U T O R I A L 1

[Purple Season]
Tools: Painter 7.0, finish up in Photoshop 7.0
Difficulty: easy
Length: 8 steps
Summary: introduces simple coloring steps.

Step 1 - cleaning up linework

(in painter 7)

First of all, I need to have a clean sketch. I do it directly in painter using 2B pencil I suggest using a scanner if it is avaialble, because it saves a lot of time. Erase all the unwanted lines, and make sure it is clean enough for coloring. Now I have to determine what will be the main color of the picture. My choice is purple, so i add a purple soft light layer on top of my original lines. 
Step 2 - rough background coloring

(in painter 7)

Now I create a new multiply layer for the background. By creating a separate layer, it will be easier if I want to make any color adjustments later on.

I spray the background with my chosen color: purple, and I use digital airbrush. It is just a rough coloring, and so there is no need to color within the exact border. You can see I have cross over the lines a little bit.
Step 3 - basic coloring

(in painter 7)

I create several individual multiply layers for skin, hair and clothing. Color like how you do with your background layer. Again, I use digital airbrush.
Oops.. I think the background is too bright, so I lower the the saturation value of the background layer.

Effect -> Tonal Control -> Adjust Colors
Step 4 - first layer of color

(in painter 7)

Change the brush size and opacity options to pressure if your tablet is pressure sensitive.
Brush Controls -> Expression

Try to use more than one type of color. (ex.if your base color is red, don't just choose light red or dark red for further coloring. Try to pick a red with some orange color) Choosing the same color will make the picture look dull. Again, digital airbrush. It is very important to finish the first layer of color for the entire picture before further coloring. (ex. don't rush to highlight the hair before finishing the first contrast of clothing part)
Step 5 - second layer of color

(in painter 7)

Now I add the second layer of color. digital airbrush Try to make it detailed here, because the picture is close to finishing stage. ^^

It's time to do some color adjustments if necessary. I think it's not needed, so the rough coloring is done by this point.
Step 6 - more on background

(in painter 7)

Background is also a very important element for the picture. I try to come up with one which suit the theme. Here I use smooth ink pen. Although I am not sure what plant it is, it looks ok for me.

Now it is the last chance to add more details on the picture, so I try to add as many as possible.

Step 7 - lighting color

(in painter 7)

Here comes the highlight part. I decide the light is coming from top right of the picture, and the time is dusk.

I use two layers to do this: one multiply layer, and one overlay layer. I choose orange to be the color, and spray according to the direction of light with digital airbrush. I didn't forget to highlight the plant as well.

Step 8 - finishing up

(in photoshop 7)

The picture is already done by the last step and now I just need to add some effects. I can do whatever I like as long as I don't spoil the theme. Somehow my painter doesn't read chinese, so I decide to take the whole piece to photoshop. I add the chinese text (purple season) and a little bit of noise.
Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise

Now the picture is DONE!!!
<< Click to see the finished piece.